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A series of photos I took and edited and illustrated. Just a fun project which is a bit more eclectic full of different sorts of illustrations that are light and comical.


Book Cover Design​

Book covers I designed to enter the Penguin Student Design Award 2018, Adult Fiction Cover Award section. George Orwell's Animal Farm  was the book cover to redesign this year (2018).

There is also the cover I designed for 1984, also by George Orwell. and some other brainstorming illustrations for Animal Farm.



Inspired by 8-16-bit video games, a series of square by square drawn, pixelated looking images from a publication I made to illustrate an opening story for a hypothetical video game.



Some other pieces that don't belong

to a bigger collection.


Couch Potato

Brief: Embarrass + Couch Potato =

Self Reflection + Realisation


focused on nudging and making couch potatoes self-reflect and perhaps make a positive change for their lifestyle. A series of responses to spark self-realisation and later action through illustrations focusing on humour, reality and relatability.


Alice ​

Brief: Product should initiate an interaction with a public audience that aims to make people think, act, smile, laugh or cry in some way.  


I chose to revisit Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Disney illustrations, and I wanted  to twist it into something different and modern to test how far I can take it.

My main aim of doing this is to make parents who buy this book for their children to actually tell the story instead of reading it. This adds to the spontaneity of story telling and will help preserve the story.

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