+ Branding


A series of hypothetical vinyl proposals I am currently working on for various music artists.



Interning a Base Design GVA I was assigned to design take-away bags for Mikado, a sushi restaurant chain in Geneva, Switzerland.


Mockups incorporating my illustrations. the first displayed was chosen.


Famille Dulon

During my internship at Base Design in Geneva, I was assigned to design labels for the Dulon Family, winegrowers in Ayent, Switzerland, for their 2019 Clos de Zampon Noalle, Merlot Pinot Noir and Fendant. These are some of the propositions I had designed.


Famille Dulon

Mockups of the Dulon Family 2019 Clos de Zampon Noalle, Merlot Pinot Noir and Fendant labels.


Changing Room

Creative vision for Changing Room, a startup based in NY with the aim to bring environmental transparency to the fashion industry by empowering consumers to make more sustainable purchases and

brands to showcase their progress in sustainability.


Logo for Mealing, a UK based diverse meal delivery platform offering a variety of prepped meals, meal-kits & meal packs.